We support families with relationship conflicts as well as with educational issues, and accompany them in times of crisis, with their worries, fears and decision making regarding daycare / Kindergarden, school and family. Living in a family can give us security, love, support and confidence. At the same time, when people are close to each other, conflicts arise again and again. They are part of the daily life of every family, for example sibling disputes, rebellious children or clashes with grandparents and other relationship issues within the family. These conflicts take a lot of energy and often lead to frustration on all sides. They can develop their own dynamics and take on a life of their own. Children and young adults sometimes develop behavioural issues and symptoms. The demands of school and work also place an additional strain on families.

In the counselling sessions, we will take time for you, and look at the underlying needs of everyone involved. We clarify with you your goals for change, and support you to develop solutions that meet the needs and suit the abilities of the individual family members. 

Each family functions according to its own rules. As counsellors we try to understand those rules, and work with all the individual family members to find solutions.

We counsel and accompany you as parents with your children, or individual sessions for father or mother, or together as parents, or one parent with a new partner, as well as grandparents.

We also offer counselling sessions in English or Spanish.

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