Our counselling centre is a member of EKFuL (Evangelical Conference for Family and Life Counseling e.V., Professional Association for Psychological Counselling and Supervision) www.ekful.de

We value comprehensive training and professional development for our employees.  We have benefited greatly from the various training and professional development centres and have acquired a wide range of tools in order to be able to do justice to the very diverse people who visit us:


Some employees are also members of professional associations: www.dgsv.de,

www.systemische-gesellschaft.de, www.dgsf.org


We are cooperation partners of the job centres in the Hanover region:




Cooperation with other institutions and organisations is important to us. This allows
us to refer clients who need counselling with a different focus, and we can exchange
information with colleagues and make use of synergy effects.

Wir arbeiten im Trauma-Netzwerk und im Arbeitskreis für Schwangerenberatung und Schwangerschaftskonfliktberatung in der Region Hannover mit

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