The reasons for seeking coaching or supervision are many and various. It can be lack of orientation, finding it difficult to make decisions in times of transition, e.g. when choosing a training, when returning to the workforce, with a job change or with career planning, or with living and working abroad.

Challenges in the digital transformation also require a high degree of flexibility in agile project management and in dealing with diversity in teams. Conflicts can arise that may be awkward. However, they often include themes as well as dynamics that invite innovation for the company. A goal that can be agreed upon can sometimes simply be to improve the quality of the common work.

In supervision and coaching we counsel you in reflexive processes. Together with you we identify issues where you are stuck and help you to discover hidden resources. New possibilities for action will emerge.

With our counselling expertise we facilitate different settings – individual counselling, conflict management, mediation, group supervision, team development and intercultural coaching.

Intercultural coaching especially when leaving, when on furlough, or when returning home, but also throughout your stay abroad:

Companies that operate internationally expect a high degree of mobility and flexibility from their employees. Employees and their families often experience a move to another country and a different culture as a great burden. Sustained good performance and a high motivation can only be achieved if counselling is offered at an early stage and continuously throughout in order to cope with the challenges. Going abroad and living in a foreign culture as well as the return home require good preparation, a good understanding of what is involved, and specific support so that the time abroad becomes a positive experience for all concerned.


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