At the start of couple counselling we often hear things like:

  • We don’t do anything together anymore
  • I no longer have feelings for him / her
  • We just argue
  • My partner doesn’t talk to me
  • No matter what I do, it’s always wrong
  • We don’t have sex with each other anymore
  • Since the birth of our child, I am no longer important to her
  • He is extremely jealous and constantly controls me
  • She has cheated and I can’t cope with it
  • He just sits in front of the PC and has no interest in me anymore

The reasons why couples seek counselling can be very different. And yet, for most couples, there is a desire for understanding and change.

By engaging in couple counselling you show your partner, “Our relationship is important to me”. You have the opportunity to talk to each other and to listen to each other. The counsellor doesn’t take sides and therefore offers a safe space for this.

We put our many years of experience, our variety of methods and our personal commitment at your disposal, and would like to accompany you in finding your way.

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