Our counselling and therapeutic approach is determined by a Christian view of man and is based on the indestructible and inviolable dignity of each individual. We respect every person seeking counselling in his or her unique value given by God, regardless of his or her origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. However, the principle of impartiality is relativized in cases where violence occurs or where power is unequally distributed in couples or families.

Our counselling is characterised by unconditional regard, authenticity and empathy and focuses on the resources, strengths, potential and abilities of those seeking help. The counsellors maintain the right of each individual to act self-responsibly and independently. At all times the client remains the expert of his or her personal situation in life.

In couple and family counselling the counsellors take all parties into consideration. This means they take sides equally for all parties involved. They recognise the merits of everyone and they identify with all sides of ambivalent relationships. However, the principle of impartiality is put into perspective in cases of violence or where power is
unevenly distributed in families.

According to their training and qualifications, the counsellors offer a wide range of methods for the counselling process.

We are bound by confidentiality.

We maintain our own professional development and have regular intervision and supervision. Networking with other institutions is very important to us.

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