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Who doesn’t know the feeling: the key is missing, you can’t remember the neighbour’s name of the birthday of your friend. Forgetting things doesn’t necessarily mean that you have dementia.

However, if dementia, e.g. Alzheimer has been diagnosed, live changes

  • For those affected
  • For the spouse / life partner
  • For sons and daughters
  • For the whole family

The affected persons and their relatives immediately get the feeling that they are left alone with their concerns and fears. You may be wondering

  • What comes next?
  • Will we be able to live with dementia?
  • We still had so much we wanted to do – what will become of our plans now?

In dealing with dementia, it can be helpful

  • To recognize and understand the symptoms and signs
  • To maintain strengths and skills
  • To find new ways of interaction
  • To learn how to avoid aggression
  • To develop self-care and mindfulness

People living with dementia and their relatives often experience that friends withdraw and show no understanding, are resentful or and react out of complete helplessness. That is why people living with dementia often try to maintain the façade to those around and try to manage their difficult everyday life on their own. The result is a
vicious circle of social isolation and the sense of being permanently overwhelmed.

We offer

  • Meetings for people living with dementia in the early stages
  • Support groups for carers
  • Individual counselling
  • Systemic family counselling
  • Lectures and workshops

Do you have questions

  • about the symptoms and signs of dementia
  • support Services for care at home
  • patient directive and power of attorney
  • support groups for those affected
  • dementia care and support
  • services available in your area

Please feel free to contact us. The team of counsellors for dementia is more than
happy to answer your questions.


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